Ralph’s Personal IFAK

So to begin, IFAK is a military acronym that stands for “Individual First Aid Kit”. It’s history goes all the way back hundreds of years when soldiers would carry bandaging cloth just in case they became wounded on the battlefield. It evolved to what is now found today with the modern soldier’s IFAK. They are impressive, and can handle a great deal of injuries and issues. I decided to go on a personal mission and develop my own style for myself, and my preparedness group.

The mission of this IFAK is to assist with life saving measures starting with traumatic limb loss, heavy laceration with arterial bleeding, gun shot wounds, to allergic reactions. It’s based on my years in the field as an EMT assisting in motor vehicle accidents, shootings, stabbings, suicides, allergic reactions, and cardiac arrest. From boo-boo’s to dismemberment!

This kit is designed to be on my body and that of my group’s members at all times when on perimeter patrol, bugging out, searching for supplies, foraging, etc during a SHTF style event. Every member has their own IFAK so that if they become injured, the contents of THEIR kit will be used on THEM. Likewise, the contents of my kit will be used on ME. Each kit is customized to the individual person to meet special demands that person may have medically. Every person in my group is also cross trained on everything in these kits.

All of this goes into the Condor Rip-Away EMT pouch. LOVE IT and also highly recommended.

4) 5×9 abdominal pads
6) 4×4 bandage pads
1) Israeli battle dressing
1) CAT tourniquet
10) Assortment of self adhesive bandages/bandaids.
10) alcohol prep pads
4) pairs of nitrile/surgical gloves
1) packet of Benadryl tablets
1) roll of cloth medical tape
1) black Sharpie
2) glow stick
1) tweezers, forceps, and surgical clamp each.
2) triangle bandages, in the plastic bag with safety pins
1) trauma shears/EMT shears. I also carry on my person the Leatherman Raptor shears… They kick ass and are highly recommended!
2) petroleum gauze in foil
2) rolls each of 6″ and 2″ gauze kling bandages
1) adult NPA (nasal trumpet) with water based lubricant packet
1) Epi-pen
Packets of Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Asprin, Tylenol, and Imodium.
The IFAK also includes Adventure Medical Kit’s “Trauma Pak with Quickclot

In addition to all of this, I also keep in my car a full trauma kit. This is a completely separate kit from the IFAK and is about the size of a small suitcase. Inside it are most of the same contents of the IFAK. Differences are…

1 Burn Sheet
2 Large Trauma Pads
BP cuff
First Responder’s guide to Medications
Roll of plastic wrap
Large Roll of Duct Tape
2 Surgical gowns
More Nitrile gloves
Infant, Child, and Adult airway kits
1 CPR mask
1 BGL kit
2 Cervical Spine Collars
2 Sam splints
1 King Blind Insertion Device for airway management
I also have about 3 times the bandaging supplies as my IFAK in this kit at all times.

This bag from Rothco would be perfect for your large Trauma Kit…


Hope this helps. Be sure to comment if you have suggestions on the kit.

Prepper Ralph



Welcome DoomandBloom.net!!

We are very happy to announce that DoomandBloom.net are now sponsoring The Patriot Podcast. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are deeply integrated in the preparedness world and helping this country prepare for difficult times ahead. They have their podcast, their preparedness informational blog, and also their store where they provide survival medical solutions for every budget.

joe-and-amy-radioJoe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones, and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., aka Nurse Amy, are the two most popular speakers in the country with regards to crisis medicine.  Their entire focus is preparing the average person to handle medical issues during or after a disaster, either short term or long term.  Their #1 Amazon Bestseller in Survival Skills/First Aid/Safety  The Survival Medicine Handbook is acknowledged as the standard reference book for the preparedness community, and their website, podcast, and videos provide hundreds of hours of entertaining and informative reading, listening, and viewing for their core audience.  The Altons have been contributors to Backwoods Home, Survival Quarterly, Survivalist, Prepare, Self-Reliance Illustrated, and other leading magazines related to homesteading/survival/preparedness.  They have also designed an entire line of medical kits meant for situations where modern medicine may not be readily available.

The Altons have been featured in the NY Times, Fortune Magazine, Miami Herald, Tulsa World, Small Business Trendsetters, Mother Jones, and various ABC, CBS, and Fox affiliates! They are popular medical keynote speakers at survival and preparedness events throughout the country.  They have been featured internationally on TV Tokyo and others.  Their Survival Medicine Handbook is now in negotiations for publication in simplified Chinese.

Welcome aboard!!

JR & Prepper Ralph