Last week Prepper Ralph and I discussed the economic troubles occurring in Venezuela. A true economic collapse is happening right now and is an excellent example of what very well could happen here in the United States.

As promised we got together and talked about steps to take to prepare for such an event. Not everyone has a ton of money to buy large amount of supplies so suggestions are budget-friendly.


Show Notes:

  • Food Storage solutions – Emergency Essentials is a great company to do business with. They have excellent prices and service. They specialize in freeze dried food.
  • Food Storage Solutions – Amazon also has excellent deals on freeze dried foods from a variety of brands. Prime members often get free 2-day shipping.
  • Water Filtration – a few water filters were discussed during this episode. The Lifestraw is an excellent portable water filter that is used worldwide to make water safe. It is used like a straw and costs around $20. The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is another highly recommended filter that is not only tiny and inexpensive but has the longest filter life we have ever seen – 100,000 gallons. It also can be used like a straw and comes with a squeeze bag. A bucket kit can be purchased as well – see below.
  • Sawyer Bucket Kit – Patriot Podcast readers get a special price on bucket kits to use the Sawyer Mini Filter for multiple people. Follow THIS LINK to get the bucket kit for only $9.00. That is 10% and includes FREE SHIPPING. This link will be good through June 15th. Remember – the filter is NOT included with the kit.


  • First Aid Kit – Check THIS LINK for some great first aid kits over at Amazon.
  • Light – Flashlights are as about as basic preparedness supply as they come. One of our favorite flashlights is the Helotex G2 LED. It is a very bright light and is unique in that it will run on either a AA or a CR123 battery.
  • WaterBOB – The WaterBOB is a large bladder that fits in a tub and can be filled with up to 100 gallons.
  • Baofeng UV-5R Ham Radio – Excellent and inexpensive radio for two-way communications and monitoring. Youtube has lots of information on how to program and operate.
  • CB Radio – CB radio’s are still effective communication tools. At under $30 this Midland is a viable and budget-friendly option.
  • Solar Charging – a small solar charger is a great option for charging cell phones and batteries in a grid down situation.  This Anker model is inexpensive and easy to use.

Hope we didn’t forget anything.

Thanks for listening.

JR & Prepper Ralph






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